BSK SpeedWorks BMW K100 Endurance Racer, on the way to the Endurance legends 4hr race podium

BSK SpeedWorks BMW K100 'Endurance Legends' 4hr race F1 Classic 3rd Place 2017

BSK SpeedWorks BMW K100 Racer, F1 B.E.A.R.S champions 2015

BSK SpeedWorks BMW K100 Classic Racer Magazine F1 B.E.A.R.S Championship winners 2015

Welcome to BSK SpeedWorks

At BSK SpeedWorks we create performance inspired, handmade, bespoke motorcycles for the road or race track.
Some people regard custom motorcycle building as an art form, apart from the necessary constraints of what is legal for the road, many think anything goes. Our bikes come from a different mould, their design is driven by the white heat of competition, our Vincent and our BMW racers were forged to compete, they need to meet racing regulations, every part has a purpose and works to its optimum.
We build them, and we race them.
We think a well engineered machine, built to perform well, should be the basis for a custom built bike. You then tend to find that form follows function.
As well as our custom classic motorcycle services, we are also pleased to be able to offer a range of performance parts for the BMW K100 and other K Series bikes, which now allows us to safely unleash the full potential of this well built, under stressed motor without sacrificing rideability or reliability.
Our engine management system has been developed and tested on our K100 ‘B.E.A.R.S’ race bike and has proved to be the key to getting the best from the ‘Flying Brick’. This system is now available as a complete, ready to fit kit for the BMW K series.

We also supply a range of parts for Vincent motorcycles, from engine components to complete engines and Egli Vincent parts.

All of our BMW K Series, Vincent and other specialist motorcycle products can be found in our Shop. We are proud to say that all the products on this website are designed and built either in-house or by our associate‎s, here in the U.K.

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