Race Paddock Stand for K Series BMW Including fitting kit

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Race Paddock Stand and fitting kit for K Series BMW


This new Paddock stand is now available for K series race/modified bikes.
The stand comes with a fitting kit which fits to the underside of the K gearbox and allows easy lifting of the rear end of the bike.

The fitting kit consists of 2x M10 Teflon lined rose joints, whose body is made from Carbon Steel which is heat treated and protective coated for corrosion resistance.
These hold 2 alloy bobbins which are joined together via an alloy rod, this allows the bobbins to rotate freely as the stand is raised into position.
The stand itself is made from Zinc plated steel and is modified to suit the K, and the position of the fitting kit.

Please note that this stand and fitting kit are only suitable for BMW K75, K100 and K1100 bikes that DO NOT have a stock stand fitted.

For more information please get in touch.

Manufacturer: BSK SpeedWorks - Made in the U.K.

Shipping weight 7.00 kg

Price £159.00 GBP + Postage

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