Second Hand Alley Used motorcycle parts for sale

We always have a surplus of used parts for sale at reasonable prices. Mostly BMW K Series parts, these are unwanted items removed from project bikes.
We endeavour to list these parts here and keep it regularly updated. (Last updated 07 August 2019)

See bottom of page for payment/postage details.


K75 GearboxK75 GearboxBMW K75 91£95

K1200RS Cylinder HeadCylinder Head CompleteBMW K1200RS 16V 97£300

Ignition Hall SensorIgnition Hall SensorBMW K1200RS 16V 97£40

swinging armswinging armBMW K100RS 16V 92£10

final driveFinal drive 31:11BMW K100RS 16V 92£80

paralever struttparalever struttBMW K100RS 16V 92£15

intake stubsintake stubsBMW K100RS 16V 92£12

injectorsinjectorsBMW K100RS 16V 92£50

Air Flow MeterAir Flow MeterBMW K100 8V 87£20

Ignition Hall SensorIgnition Hall SensorBMW K100 8V 87£40

Starter motorStarter motorBMW K100 83-90£30

AlternatorAlternatorBMW K100 83-90£30

Bulb Monitoring unitBulb Monitoring unitBMW K100 1986£10

Front wheel spindleFront wheel spindle, complete with spacers and boltBMW K100 83-89£15

Engine partsVarious engine parts available, askBMW K100 83-90£Ask

K75 Final drive 32:10Final drive 32:10BMW K75 91£120SOLD

fuel railfuel railBMW K100RS 16V 92£12SOLD

rear wheel 4.50'rear wheel 4.50x18BMW K100RS 16V 92£50SOLD

gearboxgearboxBMW K100RS 16V 92£50SOLD

coils/leadscoils/leadsBMW K100RS 16V 92£25SOLD

AlternatorAlternatorBMW K100 83-90£30SOLD

Front calipersFront calipersBMW K100RS 16V 92£130SOLD

LH footrestsLH footrestsBMW K100 8V 87£20SOLD

Speed sensor rear wheel Speed sensor rear wheel BMW K100 83-89£15SOLD

Forks complete 16vForks K1/K11/K100rs 16vBMW K100RS 16V 92£115SOLD

brake discs frontbrake discs frontBMW K100RS 16V 92£20SOLD

standstandBMW K100RS 16V 92£10SOLD

rear discrear disc ABSBMW K100RS 16V 92£50SOLD

radiator with fanradiator with fanBMW K100RS 16V 92£60SOLD

driveshaftDriveshaftBMW K100RS 16V 92£70SOLD

rh controlsrh controlsBMW K100RS 16V 92£20SOLD

fuel gaugefuel gaugeBMW K100RS 16V 92£10SOLD

exhaustexhaustBMW K100RS 16V 92£50SOLD

wiring loomwiring loomBMW K100RS 16V 92£25SOLD

Rear brake discRear brake disc 3.6mmBMW K100 83-89£10SOLD

Rear brake discRear brake disc 3.0mmBMW K100 83-89£10SOLD

Indicator RelayIndicator RelayBMW K100 1986£10SOLD

Driveshaft 20t very good splines matches above final driveDriveshaft 20t very good splinesBMW K100 83-89£70SOLD

Driveshaft 16t splines OK Driveshaft 16t splines OK BMW K100 83-89£50SOLD

Final Drive, 20t 32/11 good splines matching driveshaft belowFinal Drive, 20t 32/11 good splines matching driveshaft belowBMW K100 83-89£80SOLD

8v Throttle Bodies8v Throttle Bodies- complete with FPR and TPSBMW K100 83-90£25.00SOLD

Wiring LoomWiring Loom, complete, no relaysBMW K100 8V 87£15SOLD

Centre StandCentre Stand, rough/rusty but completeBMW K100 8V 87£20SOLD

CoilsCoils inc plug leadsBMW K100 8V 87£30SOLD

20 spline Driveshaft20 spline Driveshaft Very Good CondBMW K100 87-90£50SOLD

K100RT SwingarmSwingarm complete with pivotsBMW K100RT 1990£15.00SOLD

K100RS Centre StandCentre stand, no side standBMW K100RS 1985£20.00SOLD

handle bar risers k100rsBar risersBMW K100RS 1985£15.00SOLD

Bodywork/fairingFront mudguardBMW K100RS 1985£15.00SOLD

Bodywork/fairingBodywork/fairing, rough, most panels cracked,inner lower okBMW K100RS 1985£50.00SOLD

HeadlightHeadlightBMW K100RS 1985£35.00SOLD

LH footrestsLH footrestsBMW K100RS 1985£15.00SOLD

Bar end weightsBar end weights, non heated grip typeBMW K100RS 1985£12.00SOLD

Fairing braceFairing braceBMW K100RS 1985£15.00SOLD

Pannier mountsPannier mountsBMW K100RS 1985£15.00SOLD

Inner fairing bracketsInner fairing bracketsBMW K100RS 1985£5.00SOLD

Fairing top side infillsFairing top side infillsBMW K100RS 1985£15.00SOLD

small top fairing infillssmall top fairing infillsBMW K100RS 1985£5.00SOLD

bar cover/padbar cover/padBMW K100RS 1985£8.00SOLD

inner fairing panelsinner fairing panelsBMW K100RS 1985£10.00SOLD

lift handlelift handleBMW K100RS 1985£5.00SOLD

Assorted parts, horns, bracketsAssorted parts, horns, bracketsBMW K100RS 1985£5.00SOLD

Assorted rubber, plastic partsAssorted rubber, plastic parts, fender extendersBMW K100RS 1985£10.00SOLD

k100 headlightHeadlightBMW K100rs 1984£35.00SOLD

Left Hand controls/clutch/choke/switch gearLeft Hand controls/clutch/choke/switch gearBMW K100rs 1984£25.00SOLD

k100 L/H switchesk100 L/H switchesBMW K100rs 1985£15.00SOLD

k100 Clutch Leverk100 Clutch LeverBMW K100rs 1985£12.00SOLD

k100 Alternator coverk100 Alternator coverBMW K100rs 1985£10.00SOLD

K100 Choke cableK100 Choke cable ,outer plastic worn, OKBMW K100rs 1985£10.00SOLD

k100 Lift handlek100 Lift handleBMW K100rs 1985£5.00SOLD

K100 YokeK100 Yoke, top nut needs replacing otherwise completeBMW K100rs 1985£25.00SOLD

fairing bracefairing braceBMW K100rs 1985£15.00SOLD

K100 Air BoxK100 Air BoxBMW K100rs 1985£10.00SOLD

HornsHornsBMW K100rs 1985£8.00SOLD

Plastic/rubber partsAssorted Plastic/rubber parts inc rear mudguardBMW K100rs 1985£10.00SOLD

HandlebarsHandlebarsBMW K100RS 1985£15.00SOLD

Low SeatLow seatBMW K100RS 1985£20.00SOLD

clocksclocks, LCD leak on digital clock, otherwise OK BMW K100RS 1985£35.00SOLD

K100RT Final Drive / DifFinal Drive (32/11)BMW K100RT 1990£60.00SOLD

K100RT DriveshaftDriveshaft (pairs final drive above)BMW K100RT 1990£35.00SOLD

Seat/tail unitSeat/tail unitBMW K100RS 1985£22.00SOLD

exhaust silencerexhaust silencer, good, no shieldBMW K100RS 1985£40.00SOLD

Front brake DiscsFront brake discs 4.5mmBMW K1100RS 1995£30.00SOLD

RH footrest inc M/CRH footrests inc M/C and lever all very goodBMW K100RS 1985£20.00SOLD

Mirrors/indicatorsMirrors/indicators, mirror glass broken, rest ok BMW K100RS 1985£10.00SOLD

K100 Fork legsK100 Fork legs (modified, race/fast road)BMW K100rs 1984£120.00SOLD
These were fitted to our race bike for 2nd half of the 2012 season.
They have stronger fork springs with spacers and heavier oil.
Would make a good upgrade for anyone suffering a soft front end.

Front brake DiscsFront brake discs 4mmBMW K100rs 1984£25.00SOLD

Top Box (Universal?)Top Box (Universal?)BMW K100rs 1984£20.00SOLD

K1100 Fork BraceK1100 Fork BraceBMW K1100 1993£10.00SOLD

Battery trayBattery trayBMW K100rs 1985£10.00SOLD

Fairing side panelsFairing side panelsBMW K100rs 1984£15.00SOLD

HornsHornsBMW K100rs 1984£8.00SOLD

K1100 Bar risersK1100 Bar risersBMW K1100 1993£10.00SOLD

Battery trayBattery trayBMW K100rs 1984£10.00SOLD

K100 SwingarmK100 SwingarmBMW K100rs 1985£15.00SOLD

k100 headlightHeadlightBMW K100rs 1985£35.00SOLD

k100 footrestsfootrests - Left sideBMW K100rs 1985£20.00SOLD

k100 footrestsfootrests - Right sideBMW K100rs 1985£20.00SOLD

Plastic/rubber partsAssorted Plastic/rubber parts inc rear mudguardBMW K100rs 1984£15.00SOLD

K100 FanK100 FanBMW K100rs 1985£20.00SOLD

k100 Goodridge Front Brake linesk100 Goodridge Front Brake linesBMW K100rs 1985£20.00SOLD

k100 Goodridge Rear Brake linesk100 Goodridge Rear Brake lineBMW K100rs 1985£15.00SOLD

k100 rh controlsRight Hand controls/throttle/master cyl/switch gearBMW K100rs 1985£25.00SOLD

k100 front wheelk100 front wheel with decent tyreBMW K100rs 1984£25.00SOLD

k100 rear wheelk100 rear wheel with decent tyreBMW K100rs 1984£25.00SOLD

k100 Hall Sensork100 Hall SensorBMW K100rs 1985£30.00SOLD

k100 seat unit1985 rs motorsportSeat unit motorsport Pearl WhiteBMW K100rs 1985 £30.00SOLD

k100 partsFront brake discs 3.9mmBMW K100rs 1985£25.00SOLD

k100 clocksClocks/display ,good working order,slight crack on rev,lcd leakBMW K100rs 1984£35.00SOLD

k100 wiring loomLoom, connector for fuel pump is missing, coils not includedBMW K100rs 1985£10.00SOLD

Rear ShockRear ShockBMW K100rs 1984£20.00SOLD

k100 standStand - completeBMW K100rs 1985£20.00SOLD

k100 side panelsSide panels pair motorsport Pearl WhiteBMW K100rs 1985 £15.00SOLD

k100 rear wheelRear WheelBMW K100rs 1985£20.00SOLD

k100 partsFront WheelBMW K100rs 1985£20.00SOLD

k100 silencerSilencer, ok, bolts for shield broken as usual..BMW K100rs 1985£20.00SOLD

Right Hand controls/throttle/master cyl/switch gearRight Hand controls/throttle/master cyl/switch gearBMW K100rs 1984£25.00SOLD

fairing bracefairing braceBMW K100rs 1984£15.00SOLD

k100 partsThrottle bodiesBMW K100rs 1985£20.00SOLD

k100 barsHandle barsBMW K100rs 1985£10.00SOLD

Front brake linesFront brake linesBMW K100rs 1984£15.00SOLD

k100 fairing and bodywork 1985 rs motorsportBody work/Fairing complete Pearl WhiteBMW K100rs 1985 £110.00SOLD

k100 headlightSeatBMW K100rs 1985£30.00SOLD

Silencer, ok, 1 bolt for shield broken offSilencer, ok, 1 bolt for shield broken off but good.BMW K100rs 1984£35.00SOLD

K100rs Body work/Fairing completeBody work/Fairing complete Blue, VGCBMW K100rs 1984£150.00SOLD

k100 airflow meter ,ecuAirflow meter, Ign and fuel ECU'sBMW K100rs 1985£20.00 EachSOLD

k100 clocksClocks/display ,good working order, showing 49k milesBMW K100rs 1985£35.00SOLD

footrests - completefootrests - complete inc master cylBMW K100rs 1984£20.00SOLD

Rubber center controlsRubber center controls,ok, no ign switch, partly cut?BMW K100rs 1984£10.00SOLD

K100rs K100 SeatK100 Seat, Corbin? small 3-4mm cut in coverBMW K100rs 1984£50.00SOLD

Helmet/seat lockHelmet/seat lockBMW K100rs 1984£10.00SOLD

k100 rear shockRear shockBMW K100rs 1985£20.00SOLD


Lucas generator and primary chaincase coverLucas generator and primary chaincase coverVincent Twin£250SOLD

Wanted: BMW K100 Final Drive 31/11

Wanted: Any condition BMW K series engines, drive train or complete bikes/basket case

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