About BSK SpeedWorks

In the early 1900's my great grandfather owned a bike shop and sold some of the first motorcycles in the country, just down the road from where we are now based.
Over 100 years later, things have moved on a bit but motorcycles are in our blood and we aim to put that passion and enthusiasm into every bike we build and provide motorcycles that we would love to own and ride ourselves.

I picked a lot of bike building up from my dad, who is also a qualified engineer, and has raced and built bikes since the early sixties. In fact, the 1948 HRD I race in historic racing was raced by him 50 years ago. He built my first racer, a BSA 250 C15 for the up to 1958 class in historic racing, and my first ride on tarmac was at Cadwell Park aged 15. We developed it over a couple of years and even bored it to 270cc to race in the 350 class.
Since then I have built and raced various bikes, mostly classic including an Egli Vincent, a Triton, a Yamaha R1 and a Honda SP1. Currently I still race the HRD and the BMW K100 in classic racing meetings.

The first bike I built on my own was a road going KX500 motocross bike, in a shed at the bottom of my mum’s garden long before supermotos were fashionable, I used it on the road to beat up superbikes round the twisty bits and sprinted it at the Curborough sprint a few times. Leathers were essential as falling off was almost certain!
Over the following 20 or so years I have continued to race and build bikes, classic and modern, and it was through the interest generated, partly through the OldRacer website, for my more recent bikes that I decided to take the leap and turn my hobby into a business.

Since we started the business in 2012 things have gone from strength to strength, we have produced several one off bikes, including a few show winners, a few race winners and fabricated and supplied 1000s of our custom parts for delighted customers.

Ben Kingham

Our Philosophy:

At BSK SpeedWorks we create performance inspired, handmade, bespoke motorcycles for the road or race track.
Some people regard custom motorcycle building as an art form, apart from the necessary constraints of what is legal for the road, many think anything goes. Our bikes come from a different mould, their design is driven by the white heat of competition, our Vincent and our BMW racers were forged to compete, they need to meet racing regulations, every part has a purpose and works to its optimum.
We build them, and we race them.
We think a well engineered machine, built to perform well, should be the basis for a custom built bike. You then tend to find that form follows function.

Bike Building:

We build and sell pre-built bikes as well as ‘bespoke’ machines, but we can also complete unfinished projects. Imagine the scenario:

You know it really is time for a reality check. It’s been what, two, no, three years, since you bought that bike? Ok you stripped it, the frames been painted, you bought some shiny bits, but life just keeps getting in the way. Work, Family even the lawn conspire to prevent the project getting finished.
Then there is finding that part, and you need some welding done, and a bit of lathe work and you have no room, and the kids have put their bikes in your shed again…
Be honest, you could earn enough to get someone to finish your dream in a fraction of the time it will take you to do it.
Speak to BSK SpeedWorks, we have the expertise, the contacts and the equipment. Soon you will be riding your project before breakfast.

BMW K Series Engine Management:

The K series of BMW were one of the first production bikes to fit fuel injection but at that time programmable controls ("mapping") was in the realm of the development labs, also one should remember that the electrics are now 30 years old.
The effect of fitting a state of the art programmable ECU so that ignition, injection and other features can be programmed and mapped into a K series BMW has to be seen to be appreciated. Of course, an upgrade like that is not cheap, apart from the basic cost of the components, we at BSK SpeedWorks have invested a lot of time on the test bed and track to develop maps that fit our own K100s, but that development has resulted in a kit that is ready to fit to your K series and is supplied with our own original maps ready for you to use or modify on your laptop as you require (software and full instructions supplied) alternatively, we are happy to install and set the system to meet your requirements.

For more about our life-long association with classic racing motorcycles, take a look at our sister site: OldRacer

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