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Alton Generator

The Alton kit for Comet is specifically designed to be a reversible installation. Except for a small modification to T5/4 primary drive cover: a small piece, 15 x 150 mm (approx) of alloy has to be removed from the inside of the outer case. No other alteration to genuine parts is needed. This kit is fully reversible.
Alton advises owners to store all their unused original parts safely.
What’s included? :

Reinforced primary inner case. New, machined from solid alloy plate.
12-volt starter motor
Starter chain and driving system
One Way Clutch assembly (sprag clutch)
New primary drive shock absorber system to replace the genuine multi-spring system too big for our purpose. The replacement system has a narrow design to give space to the OWC on the crankshaft
Special crankshaft nut
Relay, push button, heavy-duty cables
Special thin strap for generator (to give space to the starter motor)

Of course we recommend fitting the Alton generator ACG02 for optimum battery charging. This can be added as set below (ESKC + ACG02). If the bike is already equipped with an Alton generator, no need to purchase a new one.
We do not supply the battery. We recommend battery YTX16BS (150 x 87 x 161) or YTX14BS (150 x 87 x 145).
The kit is designed for negative earth wiring only. If your bike is positive earth, we recommend converting it into negative earth. If for some reasons you wish to keep your bike positive earthed, please contact us, we can modify the kit to match positive earth purpose.
Fitting the kit is not too difficult for Vincent experts but it must be done with professional care and requires a number of parts to take apart before installation (the entire primary drive)
With a two-year guarantee, what are you waiting for? Just hit the button and away you go…

For more information please get in touch.

Manufacturer: Alton - Made in France

£2,278.80 INC VAT
£1,899.00 EX VAT

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