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  • Make/Model BMW K100RS
  • Year 1985
  • Capacity 987cc
  • Engine Tuned K100 8 valve
  • Fuel/Ignition Delta programmable engine management system
  • Frame Stock K100RS Lightened/strengthened
  • Suspension RAM rear shock, RAM progressive springs (K75S forks)
  • Wheels/Tyres 3.50 120/17 front 5.00 160x17 rear
  • Exhaust BSK SpeedWorks
  • Rearsets BSK SpeedWorks

This bike was built to compete in the Endurance Legends 4 Hour race and future endurance racing events.

In 2017 the bike finished 3rd in the Classic class, for 2018 with a change to the rules it was moved to the Superbike class and so was improved with a higher output motor, it finished 3rd in this class also.

The bike was built up from a 1985 K100RS frame, engine and drivetrain and features parts to aid quick pit stops, such as quick release body work and wheels and a quick fill fuel tank. The engine has been rebuilt and tuned for constant high speed and reliability as well as fuel economy.

In 2019 we built a second, spare "T" bike which is an exact copy of the race bike, as far as parts and setup are concerned, and so every part is interchangeable.

We documented the build on our Facebook page, you can see it here

The bike is under continuous development and is a test bed for our K100 performance parts that will ultimately end up on customers bikes.

We can build you a bike based on the K100 Endurance racer, to any spec required.

Please get in touch for more info.

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