BMW K Series Engine Management Package Programable ECU for K100/K75/K1/1100/1200

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K Series Engine Management Package

Latest version of the SXTune software v2.64 April 2022 : Download
SXTune is suitable only for use with Microsoft Windows Vista or later operating systems and can operate on both 32 and 64 bit. Note that Windows needs to be up to date before installing our software and an internet connection is required during the installation process.

This complete engine management package, using the latest
Delta 400 S ECU, contains everything needed to convert your K series BMW to run on a fully programmable engine management system.
The only additional connections needed to the bike are for ignition switch, battery power, and the fuel pump.
Installation could not be any simpler!

Complete package consists of:
SC Delta 400 S ECU, pre-mapped for K series 8v or 16v engines, with mapping developed by BSK Speedworks
SC ‘K’ series wiring harness complete with air and water temp sensor and crank sensor
SC USB PC CAN-BUS interface with ‘sxtune’ tuning software
Ignition coil, leads and bracket
BSK Speedworks crank mount, trigger wheel and cover

This is the complete package, as fitted to our K100 race bikes.
The maps in this package have been developed for our BMW race bikes over many hours of rolling road and track time.

Wiring looms are built to order, the lead time for the package is approximately 2 weeks

Fitting and set-up as well as tuning on our Dyno available on request.

Manufacturer: SCS Delta /
BSK SpeedWorks - Made in the U.K.

Shipping weight 3.00 kg

£1,499.00 INC VAT
£1,249.17 EX VAT

Please select your engine type below:

Please note:
Please let us know any details of your engine, for example type of injectors and cams, so we can select the best base map available.
Our K series wiring loom only supports connection to 16v TPS, i.e. you will require K1100/K1200 throttle bodies.

BMW K75: For the system to work with the K75, you will need to use and modify a set of 16V throttle bodies (i.e. remove one throttle body)
You will also need to retain the 3 OEM coils and the wiring/connectors and wire them into our loom.

If you expect your K engine to produce in excess of 130bhp, you will need higher flow injectors than the standard BMW ones, which at 150cc/min flow rate are limited to around 130bhp maximum.

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