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BSK BMW K clutch friction plate

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As far as we are aware this is the only performance clutch currently available for the BMW K series.

Born of necessity, we needed a clutch that could cope with the extra heat generated in race use as well as the extra torque of a tuned engine.
This new 6 paddle clutch friction plate uses cera-metallic material and can cope with 30% more torque over the original. It is also able to cope longer before over heating and is oil resistant.
It uses a thicker, stronger plate for extra strength as the original plate has been known to break up when extra load is applied.
While designed for race use, it would also be a welcome improvement for road bikes over the OEM or other available aftermarket clutch friction plates which being either organic or Kevlar have limited life span and ability to cope with abuse.
The clutch plate comes with a custom clutch ring, which must be used in place of the original, as well as new M7 stretch bolts and crush washers.

Also available as a complete clutch kit including stock diaphragm spring, pressure plate and cover plate which we recommended to be replaced at the same time should you wish to completely refresh your cutch.

Available for BMW K100/K1/K1100 (K75 and K1200 available soon)

Manufacturer: BSK SpeedWorks - Made in the U.K.

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