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8V Engine case covers / Crash protectors for K Series BMW

As used on our race bikes, but just as useful on the road, these engine case covers will protect the exposed engine on the K Series BMW in the event of a fall or crash, preventing cosmetic damage to the cast aluminium cam and crank covers, or worse damage to the engine internals should the cover break.

Made from tough fire retardant ABS they are designed to slide in the event of an accident rather than dig in to the road surface.
The original BMW crash bars (if fitted) can help protect the engine in a fall, but in some cases, especially higher speed crashes, they have been known to cause more damage to the engine.

The covers are secured to the engine with heat resistant 3M adhesive tape, which is supplied with each set.

The 8V version fits the K100 and K75. The new 16v version fits all 16v K Series (K100RS16v, K1, K1100) except K1200.

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Manufacturer: BSK SpeedWorks - Made in the U.K.

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Please note:
Before fitting you must ensure your engine is thoroughly cleaned and degreased in the areas where the covers will be applied.

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