New, Custom Built Vincent Engines
Vincent twin motor produced for Egli Vincent racer

We are not going to bore you extolling the virtues of the Vincent engine, if you did not know something about its capabilities we doubt you would be reading this short note.
We have experience going back over 40 years on these engines (singles and twins), Remember that all the parts to make a twin engine are available as new components (and most of a single) but they require knowledge and skill to assemble them into a potent package and that package needs to be tailored for its intended use.

Some of the ‘new’ options are:

Electric start
12v Alternator
Belt Drive (Primary and dynamo/alternator)
Newby Clutch
Modern or Classic Carburation
Electronic Ignition
Porting and big Bore kits
5 speed Gearbox

It’s not a cheap unit and is dependant on the specification and the amount of original parts you may bring to the party, contact us for more details:

Manufacturer: BSK SpeedWorks - Made in the U.K.


TPV 600/1200 big bore kit
TPV 600/1200 big bore kit
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