FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions
I would like BSK SpeedWorks to build me a bike, where do we start?

What kind of bike would you like? Firstly, give us a call or send us an email, then we can work with you to determine the type, design and specification of the bike you require and take it from there.

I don't want a Vincent or a BMW K100, can you build me something else?

Certainly. We can build any bike you wish, however, our expertise lies with racing derived machines, specials and café racers, but we are happy to take on different projects within reason.

What will it cost?

There are many factors that determine the cost of a machine, the type and design of the bike as well as the customer’s specification. Each proposed project must be defined: Is it for road, race or track day use? Does it need lights? Have you got a donor bike? All these factors and more need to be considered before a figure can be arrived at.

How long will it take?

Again, this depends on the design and spec of the bike as well as the fact that we want to build a bike to be proud of, and this takes time. As a rough guide, 2 - 4 months.

How do I pay for a bespoke built bike?

To begin with a small deposit is required for the design and to secure the build. Once the design and costs are agreed, we ask for 50% of the final cost, then a further 25% at the half way point and the final 25% when we deliver your finished bike.

What are your credentials?

Ben Kingham has a background in engineering and has been building, preparing and racing motorcycles for over 30 years, if you include Tim's experience, you can add another 60 years. We build championship winning race bikes and show winning custom bikes.

Is it UK road legal?

As long as it is not a race bike, our road bikes come with a full 12 months MOT.

Can you export completed bikes?

Yes. As well as selling to all EU countries we are happy to export worldwide. Any prices shown on the website are for UK sales and exclude shipping costs, taxes etc. that may be applicable.

Do you give any warranty?

We offer a 30 Day/1000 miles warranty on our bespoke custom built bikes.

What else do you do other than build bikes?

We can provide many motorcycle related services:
Road/Race bike preparation
In-house Dyno Rolling Road and Dyno Tuning
Restorations/Completion of unfinished projects
Engine building/Tuning
Supply and fit BMW K100 performance parts
Supply and fit Vincent parts
One off custom made parts
Supply and fit stock motorcycle parts
Motorcycle collection/Delivery
Motorcycle repairs, servicing, painting
Supply and fit motorcycle tyres

..and if we can't do it, we will recommend someone who can.

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