Dyno Dyno tuning on our rolling road.

Please note: We are not currently taking on any new work on customers bikes through our workshop.
If you have a Vincent that requires attention, please contact The Vincent Owners Spares Company whom we are working alonside to cover all your Vincent service and repairs needs.
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Our Fuchs 251 inertia Dynamometer uses the latest high speed interface and Mi-Bike4 software, allowing us to test machines and carry out tuning in a controlled environment.
Test results can be displayed and printed out for power, torque, Air/Fuel ratio, time, speed or distance.
The dyno can also be used to fix a range of running issues by simulating road or track riding, allowing us to find problems that otherwise might be difficult to diagnose.
We also use the dyno to test and optimise the fuel and ignition maps used in our engine management system for BMW K Series machines.

Dyno power run: £30
Consists of 2 or 3 runs, after initial checks and warm up, with a print out of HP, torque and fuelling.

Dyno Tuning/Diagnostics : £60 per hour

For more information or to book a dyno session, please contact us

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