Testimonials What our customers say

"Excellent builder and a gentleman to deal with."
F.Hunsperger – BMW K100RR - UK

"The BSK SpeedWorks rear sets were made to order, fitted perfectly, and look like works of art."
P.Hutchinson – BMW K100 - Australia

"The collector arrived yesterday and I picked it up at the post office today.Very nice. It is a thing of beauty. I’m extremely pleased with the part.."
J.Wirth – BMW K100 - USA

"Wow! Thank you so much Ben, that looks absolutely fantastic!! :-) I like the pic of them together and agree it's a pretty good match :-)
You have done an amazing job on them both Ben and I'm delighted...
..I'm really delighted Ben, you have done a great job and I hope you feel proud of what you have achieved, thank you :-)"

D.Mitchell – BMW R100/K1100/ZZR1100 - UK

"Respect Ben! Hats off to you. What an excellent job you have done.
The Bike looks great and rides even better.
I've had it like two months now? And ridden it in every condition: day, night, London traffic, opened the throttle on quiet empty motorways
(respectful of speed limits ), rain, wet leaves, ... And it has performed brilliantly every time. Thanks. Almost glad I crashed the bike.
You have dragged the bike into the 21st century with the sensible tweaks while retaining its classic appeal.
A very satisfied customer. Glad I found BSK Speedworks."

A.Barua – BMW K100 - UK

"Top knowledge of the bmw K series....I take my k1100 there for all its major servicing and maintenance."
R.Allum – BMW K1100 - UK

"Ben, what can I say? Fantastic job you have done, well done, it is a credit to you...
...I would have no problem recommending Bens services to anyone...
...Once again the bike is a credit to you Ben, many thanks for all your hard work. I hope you have found it rewarding.."

D.Stafford – Vincent Black Shadow - UK

"Just letting you know I've received the parts and I couldn't be happier. The build quality is outstanding and I can't wait to put these on."
D.Urqueza – BMW K100 - Australia

"That is a piece of art my friends, thank you for your incredible work. I have installed it on my 'cafe' k100. I really wanted to just display it on my desk as a work of art. again, thank you, and the prompt shipping was awesome as well."
R.Sornson – BMW K100 - USA

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