Egli Vincent Shadow 70'
Egli Vincent Shadow 70

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  • Make/Model Egli Vincent Shadow 70'
  • Year Built 2023, Engine 1949, Running gear 60's
  • Capacity 998cc
  • Engine 1949 Vincent HRD Rapide
  • Fuel/Ignition Amal Mk2 flat Slides / BTH
  • Frame Roger Slater Egli
  • Suspension Metal profile Forks / Girling Shocks
  • Wheels/Tyres 2.15 90/19 front 2.50 110/18 rear Avon roadrider mk2

£POA for similar spec machine.

This bike is an Egli Vincent Shadow 70’.
We built this bike for a customer who had purchased an original Shadow 70 kit from Roger Slater back in the 60’s and had a 1949 HRD Rapide engine to go in it.
The kit comprised of frame, swingarm, metal profile forks, Girling rear shocks, alloy tank and seat. All were unused/never fitted but in poor condition having sat in storage for the best part of 60 years.
The frame, although being nickel plated originally, was showing signs of rust and was generally dull so was blasted with a view to powder coating.
As it turned out the blasting process brought it up to a nice finish so we lacquered it and left it original.
The forks were in poor condition, with pitted stanchions and corroded alloy legs, these were re-plated, new seals and oil and then the legs and top yoke were polished. The springs were OK having been in oil and never used.
The seat had been in a plastic bag for many years and was OK to use as it was with a bit of oil and polish, the tank was badly corroded, luckily externally only (having never seen fuel) and again was polished to a mirror finish.

The bike is built as closely as possible to the original specification of the Slater Shadow 70.
At the rear, Girling shocks are fitted with a Vincent hub and brake with sprocket carrier laced to an 18” alloy rim. The front brake is a Seeley as fitted to G50s laced to a 19” alloy rim.

We can build you a bike, based on the Egli, or supply new Vincent engines and Egli Vincent parts

Please get in touch if you are interested.

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